Personalization and Sibling Estrangement

Whenever we experience estrangement, we are often left shocked, dismayed, and can start to experience the sense of an unfinished story in our head. Because our heads don’t like unfinished stories, we can come up with all sorts of explanations to fill that void. The thing is, those reasons can end up playing against us.Continue reading “Personalization and Sibling Estrangement”

Anger as an End State to Sibling Estrangement?

I recently had an online exchange with a member from another estrangement group who reacted strongly to our estrangement videos. She accused me of an intent and conclusion that wasn’t true, despite the clarification of my thoughts on the matter. Nevertheless, there was no changing her mind. She was absolutely convinced that anger was justified,Continue reading “Anger as an End State to Sibling Estrangement?”

Bad Chemistry and Sibling Estrangement

It’s happened to us often enough that we’ve seen conversation start to go downhill relatively quickly with our sibling-s. What can start off as being a neutral conversation can quickly fall into invasive, demeaning, and provoking questions that can bring up our defenses, and cause us to react in ways that are out of characterContinue reading “Bad Chemistry and Sibling Estrangement”

Facticity and Transcendence in a Sibling Relationship

In one of my recent online support groups, it was discussed that some members were experiencing a significant shift with regards to their perception of their sibling, and the role they play in their lives. I truly believe this is a process of grief, associated to Worden’s tasks of mourning ( as adapted in theContinue reading “Facticity and Transcendence in a Sibling Relationship”

Willful Blindspot

A while back, when my father was still living, it would happen that we would discuss my sister, and the impact she was having on me. In particular, her lack of ability in feeding the relationship with me. In essence, my father would put the emphasis on me for making the relationship better. When IContinue reading “Willful Blindspot”

People Pleasing and Sibling Estrangement

We’re all a little bit guilty of this at one time or another in our lives. Choosing to take a step back and altruistically giving in to our sibling’s needs. After all, it’s normal to give a little to get a little, right? The other person will surely give in, and look to satisfy ourContinue reading “People Pleasing and Sibling Estrangement”

How to Mourn a Sibling Relationship

A short while ago, we did a video podcast on the tasks of mourning with regards to sibling estrangement. It continues to be one of the most important videos I produced, due to the fact that there’s so little out there with regards to mourning the loss of a sibling relationship. While we can lookContinue reading “How to Mourn a Sibling Relationship”