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1- The Lighthouse Technique


This is a detailed E-document that’s an expansion on the brief steps mentioned in my video on “solutions and strategies”. Here, you’ll have exactly what I walk my clients through when they sit with me and use this important technique. Clients have reported feeling more at ease, and significantly less afflicted by difficult challenges that previously played out in their heads.

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2- The Lighthouse Technique


Want to go further? Here, I bring to life the audio version of the Lighthouse Technique by guiding you through your own personal sensory experience. You’ll be able to enjoy this 28 minute audio journey time and again at your leisure. It can be used as a method to help counter rumination, and also as a way to unwind after a busy day.

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What others have said about Ali-John:

“I truly appreciate your videos and our group get together. Ali-John you are great at support for all of us, your words of encouragement are spot on and you guide us should we get off the path we are supposed to be on…” – J.R.

“Ali-John Chaudhary…sheds light on this far too often unrecognized psycho-social problem and provides effective tools and methods to help those estranged from their siblings to understand its many facets and to move forward in a healthy, positive way.”– S.Q.

“The information and knowledge of the estrangement situation is crucial for me in understanding the reality of the situation and to move forward so being stuck doesn’t destroy me…” – S.A.

What others have said about the group:

“Ali-John Chaudhary offers insightful pearls to help understand those estranged and creates a safe place for all to share their story!” – R.M.

“Ali-John provides empathic moderation with a focus on positive coping and strategies for finding a sense of empowerment after loss…I felt very supported by everyone.” – K.F.F.

“I found the support group experience here to be very supportive feeling and I appreciated how open and honest everyone was with their personal experiences…Ali-John was very supportive and informative.” – A.T.

“Thank you for helping me face this with the support of others going through similar experiences. It truly is an isolating and lonely experience and I know I’m not alone in trying to work through this, while grieving and mourning what I once had.” – D.T.N.

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