NEW! Dates for the next intensive online workshop will be Monday May 15th, May 29th, June 12th and June 26th 2023.

Online Support Group on Zoom

Ali-John offers a twice-monthly support group online on zoom for those that need help. The group is a safe place to share your struggles, where you get stuck, as well as your successes. As a psychotherapist, Ali-John gives you actionable advice, and you get some suggestions from other participants in the group as well. It gives you an opportunity to explore with others who go through sibling estrangement, just as you do, and is done in real-time, in a welcoming and empowering atmosphere.

=> The group is held every second Wednesday at 6pm Eastern Standard Time. <=

Details: Payments are made via Paypal or Credit Card. The cost for each group is only 9.99$ US. Once paid, your seat is reserved. You will then receive a zoom invite link via email on the same day of the event.

Please contact Ali-John through the contact page for more information.

Online Intensive Workshop

=> Improving my self-esteem after sibling estrangement <=

Do you feel depleted? Highly self-critical towards yourself? At odds with how you see yourself? It may be that your self-esteem has suffered because of your experience with sibling estrangement. To help you to reclaim yourself, psychotherapist Ali-John Chaudhary will be offering an intensive workshop of 4 sessions with 4 to 6 clients who want to go further and empower themselves on a deeper, more profound level, to promote change.

This workshop is for those who would like to:

Discover what to do with their Inner Critic

Identify where it can keep us stuck

Discover experiential strategies to empower you

Identify negative beliefs that hold me back

Build inner resources to fend off the Inner Critic

Develop tools to use in real life and at home

Description of each session

In Module 1, we will chart the course with this workshop, drawing the map as to where we want to go with regards to bettering our self-esteem. Each participant will have an opportunity to introduce themselves to the group, and describe what they’re looking for. We then set off on our journey, by identifying what can happen to us if we let low self-esteem caused by sibling estrangement be the decider in our lives. We will then expose our Inner Critic, by identifying the negative beliefs it gets us to believe, and enumerating the level of discomfort this brings on inside of us. This will serve us as a means of identifying how we improved on our journey in later sessions together. We will end with a homework exercise you take home as a means of integrating what you’ve learned here into your own personal life.

In Module 2, we will be introducing the important Allies you’ll be working with to help you in your quest to improve your self-esteem. What’s more, we’ll delve into deep, creative ways you can make use of your Allies. This is especially important, as we often give in to the voice of the Inner Critic, yet other voices vie for our inner space. We will explore and discover ways in which this space can be used and cultivated as a means to further empower you. We will review our previous homework, and make use of a further homework exercise you can take home.

In Module 3, We will explore the effects of the homework exercise on the level of discomfort our Inner Critic brings. We’ll return to making use of our Allies in a new, unique, and empowering way. We will then do an interactive exchange with each person to see what insights and experiences were gained. We will then make use of the Allies in such a way as to turn the tables on the Inner Critic, using its own methods against it. We will end with an actionable homework exercise designed to further empower you at home with what you learned. 

In Module 4, we will return on the insights and help gained in your quest to improve your self-esteem due to sibling estrangement. We will describe indicators of success with your sibling estrangement, as well as become conscious of risk factors that can steer you off course from your journey. Creative ways to foster and reinforce continued empowerment personal to you will be discussed with each participant. A final experiential exercise will be given as a means of freeing ourselves from the perception of being held back by our self-esteem (or any other issue). We will end with an overview of lessons learned in our journey together, and answer final questions before we bid ourselves farewell. 

** This unique workshop is being offered because so few resources exist to help us with sibling estrangement. This is a first-of-its-kind workshop specific to this subject, hosted by someone who knows firsthand what sibling estrangement feels like. **

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to communicate with Ali-John through the “Contact” page.


100$ US per session, paid in total of 400$ US, via PayPal.


Module 1: Monday, May 15th at 6pm EST

Module 2: Monday, May 29th at 6pm EST 

Module 3: Monday, June 12th at 6pm EST 

Module 4: Monday, June 26th at 6pm EST

=> Duration per session: 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours.

=> Registration is OPEN for the next upcoming workshop to be held in February 2023!

New! Dates for the next workshop will be Wednesdays on February 22nd, March 8th, March 22nd, and April 5th at 6pm EST.

Please contact me to register, for more information, or for any questions you may have.

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