Welcome. This is a place to know more and empower yourself through your difficult experience with your sibling.

The mountain. Such a great metaphor. There can be a sense of intimidation when we are at its feet. It can almost feel insurmountable. And yet, once we climb, and our vantage point changes, we realize that when we get to the top, we have a grand bird’s eye view of the world. This is what I aim for this website to be. A journey up the mountain, to greater heights, so that our seemingly immovable problems can be under our feet, and much smaller, in actuality. Perspective is everything.

Recent Articles

Willful Blindspot

A while back, when my father was still living, it would happen that we would discuss my sister, and the impact she was having on me. In particular, her lack of ability in feeding the relationship with me. In essence, my father would put the emphasis on me for making the relationship better. When IContinue reading “Willful Blindspot”

Emotional Memory

When I meet with my clients, invariably, it happens that couples will disagree on the unfoldment of certain events. Both can have a perspective that is different in terms of how they personally see it. When this happens, I like to dig further into what I call an emotional memory. What is that exactly? ThatContinue reading “Emotional Memory”

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