The Black Sheep and Sibling Estrangement

You’ve seen it before. A game you’re all too familiar with. Your sibling playing their twisted fun within the family. You being talked down to, manipulated, given the silent treatment, or worse. It happens in so many different ways, yet the feeling is all too familiar. You recognize it all too well. Maybe you calledContinue reading “The Black Sheep and Sibling Estrangement”

The Stigma of Sibling Estrangement

It’s not always easy to deal with this subject. In fact, you may even be hesitant to talk about it with others. We’re taught, in today’s society, that we should get along with our family. And if we don’t, then society can judge us, and make us think we’re somehow wrong. Maybe you’ve even beenContinue reading “The Stigma of Sibling Estrangement”

The Golden Child Narrative in Sibling Estrangement

The Golden Child is certainly a subject of interest for a great deal of us experiencing sibling estrangement. For those new to this, the Golden Child is the person most favored and well looked upon in the family. They are the ones that typically get the most praise, and the least amount of criticism fromContinue reading “The Golden Child Narrative in Sibling Estrangement”